Dancing plays an important role in children’s physical, mental health and intellectual development. Learning dance systematically is not only beneficial to children’s development in music, movement and rhythm but also enhances children’s imagination and performance. Dancing can make all parts of the body exercise in strength, speed and endurance, and improve the coordination, agility and flexibility of the child’s body.

According to Beijing Dance Academy, all courses are divided into 13 levels. Includes basic skills training, Chinese classical dance, ethnic dance and folk dance. Students will also involve in school performance.

Instructor Lee 李多维 (Tel: 82821728), is currently teaching at the National University of Singapore Song and Dance Theatre. He has great teaching experience and has led the school students to win the Gold and Gold Awards in the SYF Dance Competition.

Available course schedule as below:

10:00am – 12:00pm 

Course fee: $155 (12 lessons)

*Please contact the teacher-in-charge directly for any further enquiries.

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