April 2022


Guzheng 古筝 The Guzheng is the oldest plucked musical instrument of the Chinese nation. It originated in the Qin Dynasty and was formed in the Tang Dynasty. The timbre of the Guzheng is bright, crisp, graceful and elegant, and is known as the ‘Oriental Piano’. Learning Guzheng can cultivate temperament, enhance artistic accomplishment and sentiment,

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Table Tennis

TABLE TENNIS 乒乓球训练班 Chongfu School has trained many national primary school table tennis champions. In order to promote the development of school table tennis, cultivate more talents, Chongfu School Alumni Association table tennis training class provided more opportunities for practice and communication, laying the foundation for good results. Table tennis is a fast-paced competitive sport. It

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Math Enrichment Course

The Maths Enrichment Programme help students to revise key concepts, enhance creative thinking and problem solving skills.  Its also provide opportunities for students to apply critical thinking skills such as making of list and gauge and check. Available course schedules as below: Saturday (Primary 2) 08:30am – 10:00am(Primary 1) 10:00am – 11:30am (Primary 3) 11:30am

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SCIENCE/MATHS COURSE The Math and Science Booster programme is a series  of student-centered activities that focuses on process skills in pupils. A series of interactive process which actively engages students in learning Math and Science through meaningful interaction that employs questioning, exploring and posing explanations. The goal of inquiry is to help students gain a

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ART 儿童美术班 Art can act as a form of expression for a child’s dream, emotions and feelings. Our programme is interesting as it inculcates the essential skills for a child to invigorate his or her imagination and creativity. Teacher Gao Xiao Xue (Tel: 93721369), has taught in Shanghai municipal elementary school for over 15 years

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Chinese Dance

CHINESE DANCE 华族舞蹈班 Dancing plays an important role in children’s physical, mental health and intellectual development. Learning dance systematically is not only beneficial to children’s development in music, movement and rhythm but also enhances children’s imagination and performance. Dancing can make all parts of the body exercise in strength, speed and endurance, and improve the

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Chinese Wushu

CHINESE WUSHU 武术班 The course gives formal training in chinese martial art, which helps to develop the children’s mind and body.Basics of chinese martial arts; martial exercises that suit the children’s physical growth. Training in sword, spear, cudgel and other weapons. Coach Xue 薛俊华 (Tel: 90903586), National grade judge of martial arts, graduated from Beijing

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Special Chinese

Teacher Liang (Hp: 90114896) have being tutoring Chinese comprehensive course for more than 20 years and have rich teaching experience.   Course content:1. Strengthen on Hanyu Pinyin.2. Better comprehensive on Chinese passages.3. Accumulate vocabulary through reading stories and through children’s song.4. Improve expression skills through picture story telling and sentence forming.5. Better handling of examination questions

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