Chongfu Alumni – Pei Feng Secondary School (Malacca) Exchange 2022 崇福学校校友会与马六甲培峰中学交流会 2022

【Visit to Johor Bahru, Malacca PeiFeng】

To maintain the autonomy in running the schools and teaching, the Malaysian Chinese community, abandons the
government’s funding. All the school expenses rely on the Chinese community’s own fund-raising activities and sponsorship. This makes the Chinese community cherishes this autonomy even more and safeguards it however they can. 
Johor Bahru Kuan Rou was founded in 1913. Today, it has five primary schools, three secondary schools, and one universityPeiFeng Secondary School in Malacca was also founded in 1913. We are really impressed by the cultural performance in their school celebration! 

From June 8th to 10th, our Chongfu Alumni organized a tour group of 30 people, under the leadership of Chongfu Alumni President Chng Teng Siong and Chongfu Principal Mdm Foo Mui Chuw, to make an exchange program visit. We are warmly welcomed by both schools and the visit provides us a deeper understanding and insight in the school culture.

Chongfu Alumni visited Pei Feng School and received a exceptionally warm welcome from the host! The principals of the four elementary schools and the president of the parent-teacher group, exchange gifts and souvenirs with our principal Mdm Fu. 

Generous reception by the principals of the four schools, parents’ group and representatives of our delegation.

Reception at Peifeng Secondary School. Group photo at Peifeng Secondary School.


Gift Exchange with the Principal of PeiFeng School. Education provided on the School Wall of Pei Feng!


From Kuanrou Secondary School to the new campus of Dacheng, their Alumni has also launched a sponsorship and donation drive. Gift exchange with the Principal and the Board of KuanRou Secondary School. 

The background of this photo shows the treasure of Kuanrou and Dacheng school. It is call the “Panshi”. We have deeply gained valuable insight on how the 2 schools keep our Chinese Culture alive. Hope we will return soon. 

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